Revive Your Family’s Past with The Memory Theater
04 Apr 2014

Revive Your Family’s Past with The Memory Theater

Allow me to introduce you to Jessica

04 Apr 2014

Allow me to introduce you to Jessica Walrack, a free-lance writer based in beautiful, sunny California. Jessica writes this guest blog from a first hand, emotional experience with her family’s old home movies and photographs conversion. Many thanks, Jessica, for sharing your delightful story with us!

/// Some people have large families, while others have small. I grew up with one brother, and had the blessing of enough cousins to fill up a school bus. My father was 1 of 5 children, all of whom had many kids of their own. We were lucky enough to get to know each other during the summers of each year when school was out. My grandparents had a large mansion in the hills of Los Angeles, California that they opened up to all us kids for two weeks each year.

I think we all looked forward to the time at Camp Grandma and Grandpa’s house, although our shenanigans probably caused a few gray hairs. We tore through the house, slid down the stairs in sleeping bags, talked about our parents, compared notes on growing up, laughed till we cried and fought till we cried. I think we all wondered where our grandpa came from and how he was able to provide us with this 5-story house to play in, with an elevator might I add. To us kids, this was extraordinary! How were they able to send all of us to a prestigious tennis camp and a slew of amusement parks each year?

We wondered, how could we live like this after we had grown up? As we grew a bit older in states all across the country, we each began to build the roads to our own futures. We all came back together to celebrate my grandfather’s 70th birthday. My uncle had dug up some old photos and 8mm film reels that had footage of my grandfather, and all of our parents, all the way back to my grandfather’s childhood. My uncle was able to find a professional to restore them into good quality and put together a presentation of my grandfather’s life.

Hearing stories is one thing, but being able to visually relive a person’s lifetime provides a real, emotional impact. We were able to see our grandfather with a thick, full head of hair, young and handsome in his work uniform. He had humble beginnings working on a farm and delivering milk in glass bottles. Then worked his way up to a top position in a large milk producing company. Being able to actually see my grandfather’s entire life story had an effect that is still with me today.

I imagine many families like ours have old dusty boxes, full of old photos, reel films, and camcorder tapes that they assume are unusable. However, that is not the case! The Memory Theater allows for families to revive and organize their media in a form for future generations to relive. From digitally remastered old photographs and home movies, to new digital files that are scattered everywhere, all combined in one convenient place. They can be saved with The Memory Theater and instantly viewed on computers, tablets, smartphones, and TVs. In the case of a family event, all photos and video clips are organized and easily accessible.

New opportunities are also possible for our children, and their kids, to be able to view the life of past generations vividly, getting to know their ancestors. Learn more about building a photo and video memoir gallery at and keep your family history alive! ///

Jessica Walrack is a diversely talented writer who has written various articles, workbooks, and ebooks covering a wide range of topics. She can be reached at

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