Here Come the Brides!
10 Sep 2014

Here Come the Brides!

Recently, I was fortunate enough to attend

10 Sep 2014

Recently, I was fortunate enough to attend a bridal show organized by Forever Bridal, in Raleigh, North Carolina. Admittedly, I was there to plug my services, but it was wonderful to be surrounded by so many brides-to-be (and just about an equal number of grooms-to-be), all wandering around the show with huge smiles plastered over their faces, and their eyes sparkling in anticipation of the biggest day in their lives that’s – for most of them – just around the corner.

As I looked around, I got to thinking about how couples get together, and how often two people are born, go through childhood, adolescence and then early adulthood, without any connection between them whatsoever. It’s kind of like two separate construction companies digging a tunnel from either side of a mountain, each oblivious to the fact that a tunnel is being dug by the other. Perhaps each separate tunnel will go completely through the mountain, creating two paths that never meet.

But maybe sometimes the two tunnels will meet each other perfectly in the middle. And after the initial shock and surprise, the workers celebrate the fact that their workloads have now been made half as cumbersome as they’d anticipated, thanks to the efforts of another company who they were previously oblivious to. By random chance, they’d created the perfect match, and journeys through the mountains were suddenly so much easier.

A Grand Opening!

That’s how I consider ‘the big day’ of someone’s wedding. It’s not, of course, the moment that the tunnels met, as that could have happened months or even years before. It’s the moment there’s a grand opening ceremony to which important friends and family are invited, as the ribbon covering the tunnel’s entrance is cut, and a new journey in life is embarked upon.

With this in mind, The Memory Theater has created ‘film-look’ Wedding Trailers as the perfect way to promote a bride and groom’s big day. They can be used as an announcement, or even – since we are now firmly part of the digital age – as a wedding invitation itself, uploaded to all favorite social media sites. Presented as a cinematic show-reel in full HD, it’s a unique way of celebrating everything about a wedding day, and creates a lasting and treasured memento.

When Two Become One

Couples may want to take things one step further by celebrating their unique life stories to date with the ‘Our Story Series’ of celebratory videos, which create a lasting audio-visual treasure trove of still photographs, video, and audio of everything about each half of a couple’s lives, up to and beyond the moment they decided to become one. This is a unique opportunity to toast what is certainly a unique moment in two people’s lives – the separate journeys they took through life before life’s momentum brought them together.

Life is a journey, and is seldom one we have to face without the support of others. What better way is there to celebrate the point at which two people realized they would now be undertaking life’s journey hand-in-hand with someone else, with a Wedding Trailer or Our Story Series video, produced by The Memory Theater.

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