One Million Years B.C. (before computers)
12 Jan 2015

One Million Years B.C. (before computers)

It must be hard for kids today

12 Jan 2015

It must be hard for kids today to imagine life in the past. When a child is born these days, they often pop out of the womb with an iPhone or Android tablet already in hand. Some enterprising children even manage to Skype or FaceTime from within their mom’s bellies.

Joking aside, children are often amazed when confronted with the truth of how we, as parents, managed to live without things taken for granted today, such as wireless broadband, cable TV, and digital music.

It also completely blows their mind when they think about how their grandparents lived. TV only came in two colors – black and white. If you wanted to watch a baseball game you had to, well, go to a baseball game. To become a popular recording artist you actually had to have some talent and work hard to improve, instead of appearing on a TV game show and having your (brief) career handed to you.

The truth is, the world changes so fast these days it’s really hard to keep up. As soon as one technological change sweeps over our lives, the next one comes and sweeps it away. Remember when CDs replaced vinyl records? Now who buys CDs?

The world will never stop changing. The man in charge of the US patents office in 1901 was alleged to have said “everything that can be invented has been invented” – he was certainly wrong!

In our modern era, we are extremely lucky that recording images and video has never been easier – thanks to smart phones – but our grandparents were not so lucky. They had to rely on primitive cameras and cumbersome, expensive cine equipment by which to record film.

Given then the time and effort our grandparents took to take photographs and cine film, isn’t it sad that the majority of their efforts end up in dusty old boxes, stored in the attic, hardly ever seeing the light of day? Those photographs and films fade as time moves on, and the memories they honor fade as well.

Stored photographs and film are also always in danger of damage by temperature and humidity extremes, fire, flood, or rodents. Then there’s always the chance that you’ll move and forget about them, or they are lost during the move.

It’s far better to convert those photographs and film to digital images. They then can be stored on your computer or media center, and backed up for safety. You and your children then get the wonderful experience of being able to watch your parent’s or their grandparent’s treasured memories on any of your devices – your HDTV, computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

The process of converting old images and film to digital is neither as complicated nor expensive as you might expect. To learn more, watch a demonstration video.

At The Memory Theater we help you to record and preserve all your precious memories and family history. Contact us at any time for more information.

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