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A Little Bit of (Personal) History

Viewing history is a way of understanding and appreciating what it was that got us to where we, as human beings, find ourselves today. But instead of taking an academic approach, it’s perhaps even more fascinating to take a personal one.


One Million Years B.C. (before computers)

It must be hard for kids today to imagine life in the past. When a child is born these days, they often pop out of the womb with an iPhone or Android tablet already in hand. Some enterprising children even manage to Skype or FaceTime from within their mom's bellies. Joking aside, children are often amazed when confronted with the truth of how we, as parents, managed to live without things taken for granted today...

Revive Your Family’s Past with The Memory Theater

Allow me to introduce you to Jessica Walrack, a free-lance writer based in beautiful, sunny California. Jessica writes this guest blog from a first hand, emotional experience with her family's old home movies and photographs conversion. Many thanks, Jessica, for sharing your delightful story with us!


As Family Time Flies By

Scientists are always trying to define infinity. They seem intent on making us believe that infinity is a difficult concept to grasp yet we have all, including the scientists themselves, experienced it. When you're a child, infinity happens every day. The last five minutes of school seem to stretch forever. A few chores take so long whole civilizations could rise and fall just in the time it takes to take out the trash.